New Valorant Agent

Graci Watson, MVC Writer

On June 22, Valorant released a new agent to the game. His name is Kay/o and he is half human, half robot. When he was first released, people automatically locked him in so they could try him out. Now that he has been released for a few months, it is easier to get a chance to play as him since people are not auto-locking him.
Kay/o is mainly known for his suppression abilities. He has three abilities and an ultimate ability. His first ability is a knife. When the knife is thrown, it will suppress the enemies in its radius. If a player is around it, they will not hav use of any of their abilities for ten seconds. The other ability he has is a flash. His flash is like the flashes that some other agents use, so that is not new to the game. His third ability is a grenade which can be thrown. The grenade deals damage to a player if they are in the radius.
“Kay/o is very annoying. Every time I get a Kay/o on my team they are little kids who don’t know how to use him correctly,” said Emme Grubbs, 10.
The new agent’s ultimate ability is mass suppression. When Kay/o activates his ultimate, every player on the attacking team will lose the ability to use their powers for about 15 seconds. This may not seem like a long time, but in the game it can change the round completely. If a duelist is suppressed on the other team, they will not be able to use their flashes in order to blind the team, and if a healer is suppressed, they cannot heal their teammates.