Trends: What and Why?

Duncan Schiller, MVC Writer

Anyone reading this will know what the fidget spinner is, and what it does, but has anyone ever thought about why they stopped being a “thing”?
A fidget spinner is a toy that is held with two fingers and spun with another finger. It is then spun around and makes a slight whizzing noise. There are dozens upon dozens of designs and models of spinners, but the one that is most common has three prongs, and rounded edges. Eventually, most kids had one, and adults and teachers got tired of them constantly being out, and started confiscating them. After that, they started to become less popular, and currently, next to nobody uses them in public anymore.
Another trend that became super popular is Rick Rolling. If you’ve ever been Rick Rolled, and you most likely have been, you know how it feels to have a part of your soul die. Most people receive them through email links, and consider the possibility they will get Rolled, but most often give in and click. It’s funny to do. Even though people are more wary of them now, the Rick Roll is still going strong, with the video at over 1 billion views.
A controversial trend is “Among Us.” It’s still going strong, with dozens of new YouTube videos about it daily. Most top YouTubers have recorded “Among Us” videos, and many people are still getting those videos in their recommendations. It hasn’t died yet, and it most likely will not for at least another couple of months. While “Among Us” has become a meme, that does not mean that it is dead.
A trend that is constantly changing is meme culture. The memes that people find funny are constantly changing. On the topic of memes, meme formats are always changing as well. Some popular ones are the Drake format and the table cat format.Some memes that were considered funny a few years ago included Troll Face, Pepe, and Pink Guy.
Trends are always changing, especially with new interests and political topics. Everyone plays a role in these changes with their own interests, and who knows, maybe you’ll help start a trend one day.