Why Do Mobile Game Ads Have To Be So Annoying?


Duncan Schiller, MVC Writer

Everyone with a phone has at some point gotten an ad for a mobile game. Now, sometimes, those ads are decent and actually represent the game well. The majority of the time, they are an absolute scam. Oftentimes, the scene from the ad will never even show up in the game itself.

Most likely you know the baloney that ads can have in them. Ninety percent of the ads I’ve seen have one of the following in them: “Ninety-Eight Percent Of People Can’t Beat (Insert level),” “Help save the (Insert creature/object),” “Get the treasure,” “Only (Insert personality trait) people can solve this,” Play this game (Insert time period) a day to improve your brain.” These claims are misleading and so repetitive. It is unoriginal, untrue, and if you’ve ever believed one of them, to be honest, I don’t blame you. Sometimes, their claims *seem* true.

gaming ad screen

A YouTuber called MatPat did a video about mobile game ads. He has three main channels: “Game Theory,”  “Film Theory,” and “Food Theory.”  He is pretty famous for talking about and solving theories on his channels. In his episode about mobile game ads, he brought up some interesting tactics ad creators use. According to researchers and ad designers themselves, they make dozens of different ads, and see which ones work the best, and then use the best ones to advertise more effectively.

Sawyer Ruminer, 9, said: “Mobile game ads are annoying because they’re just everywhere.” 

These ads are quite annoying, and I hope to see fewer in the future.