Clifty Falls

Piper Todd, MVCurrent Photographer

Back in April, I went on a family road trip to Clifty Falls State Park in Madison, IN. While there, my family and I explored the town, went on a nature hike, and saw the beauty that is Clifty Falls.


When we got down to Madison, we first explored the town. While we were there, we saw an amazing amount of art decorating the buildings. The different pieces of art really set Madison apart from most other small towns. There are many antique shops, an older diner converted into a refreshment center, and even an emporium full of many wonders. These include antique toys and really cool knick knacks you don’t find anywhere else.


The highlight of the trip was visiting Clifty Falls State Park. The park spans 1,416 acres, and has 4 waterfalls. My favorite had to be Big Clifty, which has a 60 ft drop off. We visited each fall, and hiked 2 trails. 


We hiked trail 3 by accident, which is an extremely rough trail. The trail was only about a foot wide, and with rain and mud, it looked like a scene straight from an Indiana Jones movie. Near death experience? I think yes.


Clifty Falls State Park and Madison, IN, are two fantastic and beautiful places to see some great waterfalls and great Hoosier culture. And maybe you won’t take trail 3 like we did.