Valorant Breeze Map

Graci Watson, MVCurrent Writer

On April 27th, Riot Games released a new map to “Valorant” called Breeze. On the official Valorant account on Twitter, the account tweeted that they would be adding three new maps to the game. Riot Games is slowly adding the other two to the game, but for right now we just have the Breeze map.

The new map has a whole separate game mode. Normal games like Spike Rush, Competitive, Unrated, Escalation, and Death match all have randomly generated maps. However, with this new map, players will know that if they select Breeze, they will get that specific map. 

Breeze is the biggest map added to the game with three cities that the player can plant the spike at. It has a large player spawn and many places scattered around the map where players can hide and secretly attack. My personal favorite spawn site is B. It has four ways that the player and their team can go to attack the enemy team. I like B because it has water, which is new to the game. The water is very loud so other players will hear their opponents  which can be a disadvantage. 

Some players, however, do not like the map.. The map is very large and if the enemy team goes to spawn site A, then the player and their team will have to hurry and go across the map.

Another disadvantage with the map is how open and loud everything is. When players walk on the metal it makes a loud noise so everyone knows where they are. Everything is also in the open, so anyone could snipe an opponents from anywhere. Especially if they are in the middle of the map. Then they are open to any shots and instant kills. 

Despite the complaints, the new Valorant map is the prettiest map to play on. It has a lot of open space to get kills and use abilities. The plays and strategies for this map are endless and can help you win the game.