It Takes 2 Game Review

Graci Watson, MVCurrent Writer

The very new game “It Takes 2” was released on March 26 of this year. The game is available for Playstation, PC, and Xbox. The game has an overall rating on Origin of 4.9 stars out of 5. The game is relatively pricey since it came out so recently, currently it is selling for $40. It is a multiplayer action and adventure game, but only two players can play total.

The game is designed by the company that owns the “Sims,” but the graphics on “It Takes 2” are tremendously better than the “Sims.” The graphics are so good it looks like it came out of a movie.

“It Takes Two” plot line is fairly simple. Two parents, May and Cody, are having relationship problems and are getting a divorce. Their daughter, Rose, found out and made two little dolls, one a boy and one a girl. One night she goes to their tool shed and plays with the dolls. The dolls represent her parents, and Rose also has a book about relationship help. She ends up crying on the dolls wishing that her parents were friends again. The tears fall on the dolls and her parents turn into the ant-sized dolls. The parents wake up the next morning and find out that they are trapped in the dolls. The love book is also alive and tells them that in order to get back to their bodies, they need to learn how to work together again. 

Throughout the game, May and Cody must work together and go on many adventures. The tasks include: fighting a vacuum who is mad at Cody for hurting its stomach with all the junk it sweeps up, fighting a tool box because it is mad at May for letting the tools rust, and even helping squirrels fight wasps. There are many more adventures and fun mini games that players can play throughout the game as well.

The two players who are playing can choose their character, but the players better have good communication skills. The game is made for partners to talk to each other. 

This game is beautiful and so fun to play with anyone. I highly recommend getting this game if it is in your budget. Only one person needs to buy the game in order for both people to play it. “It Takes 2” is a great game for couples or friends who just want a fun game to play, or to actually help improve their communication skills.