Fun Things to do Over the Summer

Zyaria Hatcher , MVCurrent Writer

Summer is right around the corner and most people are itching for a vacation. Others might have no plans and no idea what to do this summer. If you are someone without any plans, this article is definitely for you. 

Now I get it, Indiana can be quite boring at times…who am I kidding? To me, it is boring all the time, but that is because most people have no idea about the fun places to explore in indiana. After compiling a list for myself of things to do this summer, as an end of the school year gift to the readers, I thought I would share it.

The very first thing I have on my list is to visit Hamilton County Museum of History and Jail. The building served as the Sheriff’s residence and jail until 1977. The jail once had the infamous Charles Manson behind its bars along with the Ku Klux Klan leader, D.C Stephenson. I am a history nut and hopefully this will be one of the first places I am able to visit. 

The second thing I would like to see are the Marketstreet Catacombs. Due to COVID-19 they lowered the number of tickets per tour so social distancing will be available. Tours typically last for about 30 minutes and they explore what’s beneath the city market along with stories of the City Market building and Tomlinson Hall. I am mainly excited about the dark tunnels and the amazing food. 

The third place is the state fair. I have only been to the state fair once and that was during the summer of 2019. I remember having a blast and loving it. From the rides to the food, it was super fun. My favorite ride was the ring of fire, where I went in a full loop. Going upside down was terrifying for me because at one point I thought I was going to fall off. I am super excited to go back this year.

Last but not least, the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. I have heard about it before and a friend had recommended it to me, but I never thought about it until now. I thought it would be a nice little adventure spent outside on a nice day. It is about eight miles long and you can even bike, skateboard, or just walk on it.  It is supposed to be a nice way to look over the city! 

Hopefully I will be able to do everything on the list as I am super excited to do.