Godzilla vs Kong Review

Zyaria Hatcher , MVCurrent Writer

Godzilla vs. Kong” came out on March 31, 2021, and although it is a lengthy movie, it is worth it. I will admit, before this movie, I had never seen a Godzilla or King Kong movie. My friends had seen “Godzilla vs. Kong”and told me it was amazing, so I decided to go see for myself.

 I was not disappointed at all. The casting was brilliant, and this made the movie really come together to be something amazing. I also loved the comedy that a couple characters brought to the movie, which made it even better. 

“It was a fascinating movie and kept me hooked the entire time,” said Cadence Gee, 10. 

The action had me at the edge of my seat. I loved the bright neon colors, and the connection between Kong and the audience. When watching the battle, I almost forget that I was actually watching the movie. I felt like I was actually there in the movie watching the battle live. 

“My favorite parts of the movie were by far the fighting scenes. It was super action packed and kept my eyes glued to the screen,” said Evan Sperry, 11.

The fight scene in the water had to be one of my favorite scenes. It filled me with so much excitement and had me glued to the screen. At one point I think I even forgot to breathe. Kong was at a sort of disatvantage, but anyone would be if they were going up against a 400 foot lizard who shoots nuclear power out of his mouth. Kong who was standing at 393 feet had his hands full going up against Godzilla. 

Typically, I am not one to rewatch movies I have seen before, but I would definitely rewatch this one. I give the movie a 10/10.