Wisconsin Casino Shooting

Cade Clark, MVCurrent Writer

62-year old Bruce Pofahl walked into the Duck Creek restaurant that is connected to the Oneida Casino in Wisconsin at roughly 7:30 p.m. on May 1st, where he opened fire on employees.

It is believed Pofahl had close relations with an employee who was reported to have not been at the scene during the time of the shooting, so he instead targeted their co-workers. He took the lives of two workers inside the building. He also severely injured one employee who was outside of the building. Minutes later, law enforcement arrived and Pofahl was killed on scene.

“We are aware of various stories regarding the incident and the behavior history of Mr. Pofahl,”  said Steve Ninham, General Manager of the Radisson Hotel, at a news meeting. “We ask that investigators are given the opportunity to do their jobs as we refrain from comment and speculation, rather focusing on healing at this juncture.”

It is said that Pofahl was a former supervisor and employee at Duck Creek. There was a restraining order filed against him by the woman who he was said to be there looking for. 

Since the restraining order was filed due to stalking, her name will not be released.

The Oneida Casino has already reopened its doors to the public, and is attempting to resume normal operations.