Mt. Vernon Thespy Awards


Katelynn Hexamer

Before The Thespy Awards

Madalyn Cottrell, MVCurrent Writer

The Mt. Vernon Theatre 2021 Thespy Awards were held on May 4th at 7:00 P.M. The ceremony occurs annually in the spring to honor the nominated thespians and crew members, announce awards, and reveal the shows of the next theatre season. New inductees into the International Thespian Society are also announced.

Reflecting on the past season, MV Theatre has endured a lot of challenges, but the ceremony was able to reflect and celebrate the 2020-2021 season. MV Theatre performed two shows during a pandemic, the tech crew made it rain on stage for Singin’ in the Rain,” and the department was one of the first in Indiana to perform “Anastasia.”

Some alterations were made to the way tech awards are typically awarded. Joy Mills, the technical director, presented Keenan Jaques (11) with “Theatre Technician of the Year.” This award is traditionally won by a senior. Heartwarmingly, Mills honored the tech seniors with the “Cornerstone Member Awards,” describing them as the “foundation” department. They are a group that have been with her since she started at Mt. Vernon three years ago, and it was expressed by Mills that an award like the “Cornerstone” was unlikely to be awarded again.

The 2021-2022 season also struck a buzz in the crowd. In the fall of 2021, MV Theatre is set to perform Mary Poppins.” In the spring of 2022, the department will be venturing to River City to perform “The Music Man.”

Students honored at the ceremony are presented awards and recognition for their outstanding work, attitudes, and devotion in MV Theatre. Below are this year’s winners, inductees, and those receiving higher rankings in International Thespian Society. 


Best Ensemble Member Award

Lily Phipps – Anastasia


Singin’ in the Rain – People’s Choice Award

Alycia Arkenau & Shiloh McFarland


Anastasia – People’s Choice Award

Helena Rovira Resino


Best Actress in a Featured Role 

Madalyn Cottrell – Anastasia


Best Actor in a Featured Role 

Ben Dostalek – Anastasia


Best Actress in a Lead Role 

Natalie Marchal – Anastasia


Best Actor in a Lead Role

Daimon Anderson – Anastasia




Tech Crew “Rookie” Award- Emma Frank 

Tech Crew “Skill Enhancement” Award- Issac Borgman

Tech Crew “Extra Mile” Award- Maddie Black

Tech Crew Dedication Award- Hailey Riley

Tech Crew Leadership Award- Dustin Meek

Tech Crew MVP for Singin’ in the Rain– Allison Stevens and Mari Gutierrez 

Tech Crew MVP for Anastasia– Zachary Cadriff

Theatre Technician of the Year- Keenan Jaques 

Cornerstone Member Award- Sydney Nichols, Taylor Lorsung, Kira Preston, Ethan Cottrell, Cole Hess, Nolan Gronowski, Sophia Frank, Om Patel, Spencer Mounts, and Alex Tinnel.



Singin’ in the Rain – Congeniality Award- Shiloh McFarland

Anastasia – Congeniality Award- Sophie Frank

Thespian of the Year- Madalyn Cottrell



ITS Members Receiving Higher Rankings:

Shiloh McFarland – 2-Star Vice President’s List Scholar

Madalyn Cottrell – 3-Star Vice President’s List Scholar Therspian

Natalie Marchal- 5-Star Thespian


International Thespian Society Inductees: 

Dustin Meek – Thespian

Cole Hess- President’s List Thespian

Bailey German- 2-Star Vice President’s List Scholar Thespian

Lily Phipps- 2-Star Vice President’s List Scholar Thespian