Coming Back to School Fully


Katelynn Hexamer

Ms. Lin’s Madarin class is close now instead of spaced out in her room.

Zyaria Hatcher , MVCurrent Writer

On April 5th, the halls were finally packed for the first time since March of 2020. Middle and elementary students started the year fully in person. 

Going back to school during the pandemic has caused a jumble of mixed feelings. Students and teachers were excited to come back fully, but feared the risk of catching the virus. Some students decided to remain fully virtual to avoid the risks, while others decided to come back fully. 

The school has changed the rules about masks a little. Before coming back we used to be able take our masks off in class but now are unable to.

“I think it is good to be back,” said Amber Drew, 12. “I enjoy seeing more people I know and learning is easier.”

It almost seems like everything is back to normal, but instead of teachers yelling at students for running the halls, they are yelling at them for not having their masks covering their nose and mouth.

 Coming back gives students a chance to not get distracted from being home. It was more difficult for teachers on hybrid because if one class did not get as far as the other class they would have to be behind. 

“It has been harder to adapt and find new ways of teaching when half your class is in person and the other half is online,” said Mr. Cochran.