Valorant Game Review

Graci Watson, MVCurrent Writer

Valorant is a free PC game that the player can download online. It is a multiplayer shooter game that the player can play with friends, alone, or with strangers. The game was released on June 2, 2020 so it is a relatively new game. It has amazing graphics and great characters with cool backstories. All of the players have super powers which can give players an advantage. Every character has different abilities. Some of the powers include: healing, fire, speed, traps, and more.

One of my favorite characters is Skye who has the power of nature. She can summon a hawk, and when released, it can blind the opponents which can make them easier to kill. Skye is also able to summon a wolf that can hunt players down and hurt them, also making them easier to kill. Skye is also a healer, so she can heal her teammates. Every character has an ultimate which is a very powerful ability. Skye’s ultimate is being able to summon three hunters that track down three different enemies and lower their health. 

“My favorite is Omen. He is definitely the most cracked one,” said Emme Grubbs, 9. 

Omen is a shadow hunter that can teleport, throw cloud shield, and inflict paranoia on opponents. His ultimate is being able to track down enemies and teleport to them using the element of surprise to kill his opponents. 

There are a lot of characters and the player can unlock more of them as they play. In every game that the user plays, they gain XP and when they get enough, they can get little gifts, like a gun buddy. A gun buddy is a little key chain that dangles from the gun. The player can also unlock banners to decorate their profile with, as well as unlocking different gun skins and gun buddies.

I have been playing this game for a couple months and it is really fun. I recommend playing this game both with friends and on your own. Either way it is a fun game to play.