Wisdom Teeth

Graci Watson, MVCurrent Writer

On March 16th, I got my wisdom teeth removed. My mom told me that I would be getting them out one day in advance, so I did not really have time to prepare myself. My mom said she did not tell me in advance because she thought I would freak out. She was right. 

The next day when I got to the dentist, I realized that my boyfriend’s mom was the nurse and would be in there with me when they put me under. I have had bad experiences with IV’s, so she put numbing gel on my arm, then put it in. She talked to me and helped calm me down. She also explained to me how the laughing gas could affect me. She said that everyone is different, but girls are more likely to either cry or laugh. Then when they put me to sleep, she held my hand. 

I do not remember much from when I woke up, but I remember sitting in the recovery room and just crying. My mom said when she would ask what was wrong, I would cry more and just say that I wanted to hug my boyfriend’s mom. Looking back on that, it is kind of weird, but also funny. 

On the day that I got my teeth removed, It did not hurt too badly since I was on all the medicine and numb. However, the second and third days were awful. They hurt all day and the pain would only go away every four hours when I took the pain killers. I am not the best with pain, so I was a baby the whole time. 

I think the only good thing was how I got to eat ice cream all the time. Everything else was awful. I do not recommend it unless you have to get them removed. My mom just chose to get mine removed since it was spring break and that I would not have to do it later in life. 

My mom let me stay home and since it  was so bad, I ended up missing a week of school. I could not smile, eat hard food, or talk too much since it still hurt.

So to sum it all up, it was an awful experience and the second week of my spring break involved a lot of pain and ice packs.