March Horoscopes

Zyaria Hatcher , MVCurrent Writer

Welcome back to another segment of monthly horoscopes! Another month has arrived in the new year of 2021. It will soon be spring, then summer. Before long, seniors will start transitioning to college life. It can be a scary time and a very fun and happy time for some. Let us just hope you do not run into any scorpios along the way. Let’s dive into this month’s horoscopes from


Aries: Your season begins this month, but watch out for your temper! The month may also end with blessings in your romantic life.


Taurus: March is major for your friendships. You may find yourself letting go of people who do not share your ideals, but don’t worry there are more compatible options ready to take their place.


Gemini: Money is in the stars for you. You may also have to make some hard decisions and create boundaries with people who aren’t adding positive things in your life.


Cancer: To accept this month’s romantic blessings, you’re going to have to lower those crab claws and let loose. 


Leo: You’re being moved to tell someone how much you care about them. 


Virgo: You’re basically good at everything. But be careful of coming across as overly critical of others. 


Libra: The end of the month is all about your love life, so get ready for all the attention and affection you deserve.


Scorpio: Beware of your infamous scorpio stinger and try to stay level-headed once fiery aries season begins. 


Sagittarius: You’re making big moves in both your professional and personal life. 


Capricorn: You’re busy this month and you’re hard working. You’re known for your smarts, and unfortunately, sometimes you can forget to listen to your heart.