Minecraft Mods

Graci Watson, MVCurrent Writer

Minecraft can be a fun game to play, but after years of playing it with no add ons, it can become boring. A fun way to add more features to the game is by downloading mods and resource packs. Mods are extra things that can be added to the game, an example would be a furniture mod that would add things such as couches and chairs. Resources packs are things like texture packs. Texture packs can be added to give the game a new look. They can be a slight struggle to understand at first since it has a lot of steps, but after you get an understanding of the mods, it is very easy.

In order to download mods to Minecraft, the user will need to have the Java edition of Minecrfat. Java is the PC version of Minecraft which is computer-based only. Java costs around $30, but once it is purchased,  the user is not required to buy anything else. 

The next step is to find a mod. A good place that I recommend looking for mods and resource packs is PlanetMinecraft.com. The website has thousands of free and reliable content for the user to dowland. 

Once the user finds an interesting mod or resource pack they must download Forge. Forge is a free add-on to Minecraft that makes it possible to add mods. When the user downloads the mod, they can drag it to their desktop then open their files. When in the files, the user should go to Minecraft then mods and/or resources, then drag the download to the designated folder. 

“I was so confused, but then I had one of my friends help me and they did it easily. I felt so stupid,” said Makayla Binkley, 11. 

After the user gets the hang of downloading mods, it gets easier. Once the user is finished downloading the new mods they can re-launch Minecraft and begin playing with their new and improved game. If there are any troubles in understanding how to download mods, try watching this video on Youtube, https://youtu.be/YLDYbR3iQx4