Sims 4: Get Famous

Graci Watson, MVCurrent Writer

The expansion pack “Get Famous” is an extension available for the Sims 4 game. It adds new building items, hair styles, clothes, and more. With this $20 game extension, players can even have the Sim they create be a world star celebrity. 

One of the main features that the game adds is the fame button. The player can click on several things to boost their Sim’s fame. An art easel, the Sim’s phone, and a streaming console are just a few of the ways Sims can boost their fame. The most difficult path to fame is acting. 

Acting in the Sims in the most challenging path to fame in many ways. The player will have to book the Sim a public relations agent. When the Sim has an agent, they will need to get a job as an actor/actress, which the player can do through the Sim’s phone. When they get the job, the Sim’s agent will contact the player that they have a job offer. The job offer will tell players the details and what commercial/movie they booked. If the player accepts the job offer, the Sim will need to improve on the skills that the role requires. Sims may need to improve their guitar skills or increase their charisma, but it varies for each role. Since it has lots of steps I personally like to stick with an easier way to fame. 

My personal favorite is to create artwork and sell it online. It does not take a lot of time for the Sims to create the work, and when they are finished, players gain money. I also like the streaming method. When the player clicks on the streaming setup, they can record videos and upload them for some extra fame. 

“I don’t play the Sims 4 a lot, but if I do, I like to make my Sims world famous, but have an awful reputation. It’s more fun that way,” said Makyla Binkley, 11. 

The player’s Sim can also earn reputation points. They can be gained when  Sims greet other Sims or are seen interacting with another Sim. Players who want a good reputation are more likely to have other Sims come up to them and ask for hugs, photos, and autographs. The way to increase a good reputation would be to be nice to Sims, host charity streams, donate to charities, and be around other Sims while being nice to others. 

A bad reputation requires doing the opposite. The player would have to have their Sim be rude to others and decline chances to donate to charities. People might not ask for the Sim’s autograph, but if they do the Sim will refuse to do so. 

I really like the Sims 4 “Get Famous” expansion pack. It adds a whole new way to play the game. It adds tons of new items and opportunities for the players Sim. I would rate this expansion pack a 10/10. It has amazing game play and is overall fun to play with.