CupHead Game

Graci Watson, MVCurrent Writer


The game “Cuphead” is a cross platform adventure game. “Cuphead” came out on September 29, 2017 and costs $20. The game has a retro feel since the designers gave the game a 1930’s art style. Even though it is a one person game, it has an option for two players.

In the beginning of the game the player is met with an old book that they get to read. It tells that player how Cuphead and Mugman have sold their souls to the devil and have to fight to get them back. The game involves going around and fighting bosses to gain soul contracts. 

There are also worlds that the player can travel to after they complete the first world. The first set of bosses that the player will find are the toad and the frog. They are the easiest to beat in my opinion, but if the player is having trouble, they can switch it to simple mode. I usually do a practice run on simple and when I can beat it, I go back to normal. 

There are many other bosses, but I think that the most difficult boss for new players is the Cagney Carnation. The boss is a pretty yellow and orange flower, but it quickly turns evil and tries to kill the player. The boss has many ways to try and kill the player. It throws boomerangs and it rains deadly seeds, which bloom into deadly weapons against the player. As the levels progress, they get more difficult and when the player dies, they have to start all over. 

“When I watched you play that level I thought I was going to be a murder victim,” said Emme Grubbs, 9. 

What Grubbs said is accurate, playing the game and dying can be enraging. It is the worst feeling when the player is almost finished with the level and then they get hit and die. I have seen some videos on YouTube of people playing the game and getting just as upset when they lose in the game. 

Even though the game is infuriating at times, when I beat a level I have been stuck on, it is an amazing feeling. So for that reason, I am rating it a 8/10.