February Horoscopes

Zyaria Hatcher , MVCurrent Writer

One month down and plenty more to come. It is the time for chocolates, valentines, and teddy bears. This is a good month to take stock of what is working for you in life, and what could kind of use some improvement. And, while (safely) surrounding yourself with your crew is always important, it will be absolutely vital for you in February. Here are your monthly horoscopes from https://www.womenshealthmag.com/life/g35300734/february-2021-monthly-horoscope/.


Aries: Expect to take a closer look at your health and daily routine. Suddenly, you’ll be hyper-conscious about the things you’re doing that are good for you—and where you’re tripping yourself up.


Taurus: Mars is hanging out in your sign for the whole month, pushing you to get moving. That new workout app you downloaded weeks ago? It’s time to ~actually~ use it.


Gemini: The new moon on the 11th will make you mull over new information you want to learn. And, by the time Mercury goes direct on the 20th, you’ll actually take action. Maybe you’ll start taking a MasterClass in cooking or start doing some new Zoom yoga sessions.


Cancer: Meanwhile, Mars is in your house of friendships, pushing you to put some extra energy into spending time with your buddies.


Leo:  You’ll be all kinds of fired up to get moving on your goals for the year. Also, Venus is shining light back at you, stirring up some sweet vibes.


Virgo: It’s easy to cruise through life, and feel like your regular routine is good enough. When Venus moves into your natural house on the 1st, you’ll try to figure out how you can turn “good enough” into “perfect.” 


Libra: . You’ll look and feel amazing, so enjoy! But when the Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th, you’ll wonder if your job is right for you.


Scorpio: Start a painting project, whip out your old camera, or create some cool edible art. it’ll make you feel so fulfilled.


Sagittarius: Pro tip from the universe: Think before you speak, Sag—especially at the start of the month. Venus is hanging out in your third house of communication, making it easy to blurt out a bunch of stuff that could get you into trouble.


Capricorn: Venus is hanging out in your money house, sending all kinds of sweet online shopping deals your way. Just don’t go too wild: The new moon on the 11th will send you a gentle reminder about striking the right balance.


Aquarius: Mercury is hanging out in your sign all month, inspiring you to come up with all kinds of new ideas. You’ll be ready to go all out on everything from creating a more efficient morning routine to tackling that big project at work.


Pisces: The new moon on the 11th doubles down on your urge to get away from it all. Hey, there’s no shame in putting your phone on, do not disturb and binge-watching the rest of your favorite tv show.