ANTM 20 *spoilers*

Graci Watson, MVCurrent Writer

***This article  will have spoilers for America’s Next Top Model.*** 


America’s Next Top Model, ANTM for short, is a show with two current seasons on Netflix. Netflix only has 2 seasons, but Hulu has all 22 of them. The host, and one of the judges, is world famous model Tyra Banks. Each episode is 45 minutes, so it is not a show you can binge in one night. 

ANTM season 20 has both male and female models. Season 20 had 16 contestants, 8 of which were women. This season was the first to have both sexes on the show. Before season 20, the show only featured female models. The judges in the show were Tyra Banks, Bryanboy, Rob Evans and Kelly Cutrone. 

The judges put the contestants through intense mini challenges that involve modeling. These challenges can range from taking photos with snakes and taking elephant rides to walking down the runway while being critiqued on their walks. 

“I watched an episode and Kelly ‘Cut Throat’ Catrone is so brutal to the people on there,” said Dustin Meek, 11. 

After many challenges and critiques, the three finalists for this season were Cory Hindroff who was 22, Marvin Cortes who was 20, and Jourdan Miller who was 19. 

 In the finals there was only one girl, Jourdan Miller. She is the youngest on the show for this season and has a complicated past. Jourdan Miller got married when she was only 18 and it turned into an abusive relationship. She quickly got out of it and is now pursuing her dreams of modeling.  

Marvin Cortes also has a complicated backstory. He and his seven siblings lived in a run-down town that is poverty-stricken. His father is a janitor, at first he is ashamed to admit, but later, through the show, he accepts this fact about his dad.

The last finalist is Cory Hindriff. He has a backstory which is also sad to hear. Cory is an androgynous male, that means he has both feminine and masculine features. Cory says he has been bullied for his sexuality and looks in school. He is now fighting the norms and trying to show you can be different and still be a model. 

 “Cory was my favorite! He is so chill and never got involved in drama on the show,” said Makayla Binkly, 11. 

In the final episode of the show, they had the eliminated finalists come back and choose a finalist to support. Jourdan often got involved in drama, so not many people in the house liked her. Marvin had a small group of friends who supported him. Cory had the majority of girls on his team supporting him.

The final challenge for the finalists was to walk down the runway with top models and model clothes from Guess. Before they walked the runway, the judges told them that one of them was going to be eliminated before their runway walk. 

This season in many ways was my favorite to watch. There were so many people on the show who were really passionate and wanted to pursue their dreams on modeling. I think this show will and has inspired many people to get themselves out there and pursue their dreams. I would rate this season of America’s Next Top Model a 8/10. The reason it is not a 10/10 is because I wanted Cory to win. There was also a lot of drama which at times can be annoying to listen to.