After School Album

Graci Watson, MVCurrent Writer

The EP Melanine Martinez made called “After School” came out on September 25, 2020. An EP is an album, but it has fewer songs than a regular album. “After School” is a second part to her album “K-12” and “After School” has a total of seven songs on it. 

One of her songs that got the most attention is called “The Bakery.”  This song was my favorite the first time I listened to it. It has a fun upbeat tone, and can put me in a good mood. The reason it is not my favorite anymore is because I listened to it so often that it got old.

“Yeah my favorite song is ‘The Bakery.’ It just sounds the best to me,” said Emme Grubbs, 9.

My current favorite song is “Test Me.” It has well-written lyrics and has an entertaining and fun beat to it. This song, as well as her others have the same vibe to it: fun and dark. It is fun because it has cool up beat music but her lyrics are usually dark. So it adds a nice contrast between the two.

Another one of my favorite songs is called “Field Trip.” Throughout the entirety of the song it has a steady beat, good lyrics, and a fun and entertaining vibe. 

One of her songs that I do not like as much is called “Glued.” The lyrics are weird to me, but the beat is okay. I do not really like it because  the lyrics, everything else is okay.

“My least favorite song is probably ‘Brain and Heart.’ It’s just weird and confusing to follow,” said Brandon Maxwell, 12. 

Her music is very good, but this EP in particular is not my favorite.This EP is not as good as her older ones. It has some good songs in it, but overall I would rate this EP a 5/10. I think it is good work for how quickly it was written, and keep in mind that it is not an entire album.