Who is Antony Blinken?

Cade Clark, MVCurrent Writer

Former Deputy National Security Advisor during the Obama administration, Antony Blinken, was nominated by President-elect Joe Biden to be Secretary of State on November 23rd.

Antony John Blinken was born April 16, 1962 in New York City, and when he was just 11, he moved to France for a part of his childhood, making him fluent in French. He participated in law school in both Paris and New York. Blinken also spent a 6 year term in the Senate as one of Joe Biden’s closest aides, as well as working with him in the White House. 

The Los Angeles Times said, “He is known as fiercely loyal to Biden.”

Blinken’s involvement in government service began in 1993, when he was the Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of State for  European and Canadian Affairs. 

His job in the White House will be to repair the relationships with foreign countries that might have been damaged by President Trump and ones that might have not been the strongest over the years.

A current member of the State Department told CNN that President-elect Biden, “couldn’t have picked a stronger choice to demonstrate his commitment to diplomacy and the diplomatic corps, much less the partnerships and alliances that make us strong.”

From his experience in the Obama administration many are excited to see what is to come with him as Secretary of State.