The Prom

Katelynn Hexamer, MVCurrent Writer/Photographer

During quarantine I needed a movie to lighten me up. That is when I decided to watch The Prom. 


On December 11, Netflix released the movie The Prom, which is based on an actual Broadway musical. The story takes place in a small town in Indiana. Several Broadway stars appear in this small town. The one and only James Cordon plays one of the Broadway Stars, Barry Glickman. Emma, played by Jo Ellen Pellman, a student at the school,  just wants to go to the prom with her girlfriend. Parents on the school board do not want it to be a homosexual prom. That is where the group of Broadway Stars step in. They try everything and anything to get Emma to be able to go to prom with her girlfriend. 


Due to this being a musical, there are so many amazing songs in this show itself. Many of the songs in the movie stuck out to me, but one that just touched my heart was the song “Just Breathe,” sung by Emma. In the song, she is basically telling herself to breathe and not care what other people think about her being gay.


If you are a fan of musicals or care about LGBTQ+ right, this movie will probably be one you find yourself invested in.