Lorde Book

Sophia Dewael, MVCurrent Writer

On November 24th, Lorde announced to the subscribers of her email list that she would be releasing a book. This confused many fans because Lorde writes music, not books. Fans were expecting this email to be about her next album, and hoping it would have a release date. Especially since it has been over three years since she has released her previous album, “Melodrama,” and she previously mentioned that her new album is almost finished in a previous email. 


On October 7th, she posted about the election in New Zealand, her home country. At the end she said, “Do it for our beautiful country and for me. And next year I’ll give you something in return.”


Having said this, the assumption was that she was talking about her next album. So, it was not wrong to presume that she may have been officially announcing the album or a single in that email.


Instead, fans are now looking forward to the book. It is called “Going South” and consists of pictures and writings from a trip that she took to Antarctica in 2019. In the email, Lorde describes it as “a sort of precursor to this album in an abstract way.” She had not started writing her next album until after that trip, so she took influence from her trip when she did start writing.


It is unclear the exact date that this book will come out, but on her website it says that it will ship out in mid-February and until then they are accepting preorders. The profits from this project will go towards the Antarctica New Zealand institute which will provide the funds for PhD students to study climate change. It is still available for pre-order on her website: https://lorde.store/products/going-south-book