Corona Increase

Zyaria Hatcher , MVCurrent Writer

COVID-19 cases are on the rise. The United States has more than 16.6  million COVID-19 cases and over 301,000 deaths. The most deaths recorded was the week of December 4th. Currently North Dakota has the most cases and the most deaths in the country. Since flu season is also about to set in, experts expect cases will spike even higher. 

People were advised over the Christmas holiday to socially distance and only gather with their immediate family. For those wanting to have larger gatherings, it is suggested they be held outside. 

 ICUs and hospitals across the country are filling up and some have reached capacity. Currently, temporary structures have gone up in some areas, while others are trying to add on or build new facilities. Morgues have also been so crowded that mobile morgues are being used. 

“They’re coming from all over: From hospitals, health systems, coroner’s offices, VA facilities, county and state health departments, state emergency departments and funeral homes,” said Christie Penzol, a spokeswoman for Med Alliance. “It’s heart-wrenching.” 

Governors of states are asking people to continue social distance and to refrain from traveling over the upcoming Christmas holiday weekend. 

The COVID-19 vaccine just recently had its first doses administered. People have been worried about the side effects, but vaccines work to fight disease by producing an immune response within the body. And sometimes that means mild flu-like symptoms, such as aches, headache and fever. According to, the goal for “Operation Warp Speed” is to deliver safe vaccines that work, with the first supply becoming available before the end of 2020. When a vaccine is authorized or approved in the United States, there may not be enough doses available for all adults. Supplies will increase over time, and all adults should be able to get vaccinated later in 2021. 

Indiana is currently in the top 10 list for COVID cases. There have been nearly 4,600 cases reported in schools across Indiana, including our school with 50 student cases,  and it has been spiraling out of control. 

“The state of Indiana is on fire,” Governor Eric Holcomb said Wednesday during his weekly update.

There are currently around 447k new cases and 6.8k deaths in Indiana.