Netflix Original Unsolved Mysteries

Zyaria Hatcher, MVCurrent Writer

As I was aimlessly scrolling through TV shows on Netflix, I came upon a Netflix original reboot series, called “Unsolved Mysteries.” I usually do not like watching perplexing shows like this due to the fact it keeps me guessing and wondering what happened.

 Unsolved Mysteriesis an American mystery documentary show directed by John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn Meurer. It documents strange disappearances, paranormal phenomenons, and cold murders cases. The series has re-enactments and interviews that help portray the circumstances. At the end of every episode they provide a number to contact if you have any information about the crime.

At first, I was against watching it due to the feeling of not knowing the answers, but then I let curiosity get to me and clicked play. Next thing I knew, I was binge watching the entire season. The first episode automatically got me hooked in and left me wanting more. By the end of the episode I was already screaming in my head who I knew the killer was. The suspense makes it even better. The most frustrating and perplexing episodes would have to be the last episode of season 1. The reason I found it to be so frustrating was because they had the answer right there, but not enough information. The perpetrator got away with two murders and may never be put away. 

I would definitely give this show a 10/10 for those who love mysteries and being on the edge of their seat.