Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update

Graci Watson, MVCurrent Staff Writer

On October 3rd, Minecraft’s Twitter account announced they will be releasing a new update that will drastically change the game. They stated that they will be hosting a live stream where the viewers can vote for a new mob that they want added to the game. A mob is a friendly or a hostile creature or animal in the game. Mojang also announced how they changed caves, mountains, and added new blocks in caves, new mobs, and other new things to do in the game. 

A lot of minecraft players have complained that they think that caves are boring and in need of a change. So Mojang gave the people what they wanted and announced that they will be changing cave systems as well as updating mountains and cliffs. Minecrafts twitter account also released a video explaining what is new in the caves and what lurks in them. 

One thing different about the caves, is that they are much bigger and more dangerous. One of the new agressive mobs they will be adding to the game is called a Warden. It is a troll-like monster that is extremely powerful. It can take 7 out of the 10 hearts a player has, even when the player is wearing netherite armor. Netherite was recently added to the game and is now the strongest armor and tool available in the game. Mojang also added in different biomes in caves. They added a lush cave biome which is filled with new grass blocks, bushes, vines, and flowers. There is also a new underwater biome which is filled with water and can be easier to explore when using a boat. 

Minecraft also added some new ores and blocks. They added copper which when mined and created into a block, can be used for building cool houses. The copper that they added is a lot like real life, it ages. It starts off a shiny copper color but when placed out for a couple minecraft days, it starts to rust and it becomes a teal color. Another ore they added is called Amethyst Crystal. It is a purple crystal that can be found in a patch together. However they can not be picked up, but they can be farmed, similar to minecraft mob spawners.

The mob that Mojang let the players choose is called the Glow Squid. The people had three choices they could vote from: a Glow Squid, a Moobloom, and a Icologer. Moobloom got eliminated first, then it was a close loss for the Iceologer, and in the end the Glow Squid won. The Glow Squid is pretty much what the name says it is, it is a squid that glows. It is also said to have hypnotic powers and could possibly drop something useful. 

“I cannot believe that we didn’t get the moobloom! It was so cute I don’t get why someone would want a soggy squid,” said Emme Grubbs, 9. 

The cliffs part in the Caves and Cliff update is more simple than the new cave systems. Mojang updated the game so that the mountains and cliff look bigger and better.  They made it much more difficult to climb as well. And on top of the mountains can find a new mob which is a goat. The goat can attack animals by head butting them, and if the player hits the goat, it will launch them as well. 

The final thing that Mojang added to the game is an axolotl. An axolotl is a type of fish that can be found in the waters of Minecraft. Mojang has yet to release what type of water they can be found in. In the game there are swap water ponds, there are lakes, and there are oceans. The axolotl can also be placed in a bucket so that you can place it somewhere else and keep it as a pet if you desire.

“The minecraft people really just made the cutest fish in the game and won’t even tell us where to find it. Kinda rude,” said Makayla Binkley, 11. 

The update will drastically change the minecraft game. It can allow new players to experience the game in a whole different perspective, and allow the veteran players to learn and use new things as well.