Why You Should Get a DS


Blake Herbert

Another picture of DS turned on

Graci Watson, MVcurrent Writer

On September 5, I decided to buy a Nintendo DSi. The DSi is a gaming device that was released on November 21, 2004. The device is old, but when playing on the DSi, it can bring back memories and still be fun to play to this day. 

I bought my DSi on an app called Mercari. It is a shopping app that has great prices on a lot of items. However, the majority of the items on the app are used. I asked the seller if it was in good condition, and he said it was. I messaged the seller and asked if it came with a charger, which would cost me another $10 if the seller did not have one. The seller did not have a charger, so they understood the amount of money I would have to spend and lowered the price to $30. The games they included were Cooking Mama and Club Penguin. 

My DSi took a total of 4 days to arrive at my house. Once I received it, I went through it and saw that the seller still had old photos on the DSi, dating back to the release date. The photos mainly consisted of their dog and some drawings they made. I deleted all of the pictures they had on there except for the pictures of their dogs. 

The camera quality on the DSi is my favorite part about it. It is low quality, but that makes the photos look more nostalgic. However, some may think that the quality ruins the photo.

¨The pictures we took look awful. My favorite part about it though is the effects you can add,” said Makayla Binkley, 11. 

The effects that the DSi offers are: sketching, morphing, coloring, and stickers. 

The games for the DSi are also still fun and nostalgic. Popular games such as Cooking Mama, Club Penguin, and ZuZu Pets are still available on Amazon and other websites. 

Brandon Maxwell, 12 stated, “I’m glad you finally got the DS so you would stop talking about how excited you were about ZuZu Pets.”

ZuZu Pets is a game as well as a popular toy. They are little hamsters that you can take care of and play with. In the game, you get to choose a starter hamster and take care of it, like feeding it, giving it water, taking it to the bathroom, and getting it exercise. There are also mini games you can play with your chosen hamster. In one of the mini games, you are out in a maze and have to collect coins as well as carrots for your hamster. When the game is finished you can unlock more hamsters including baby ones. 

DSi’s are a great way to pass the time and play games.The DSi was a great purchase and I think that everyone who has money should get one.