The Kissing Booth Two

Taylor Jones, MVcurrent writer

Alright Marauders, welcome back to “Taylor Talks” where I basically review anything that comes to mind or gets suggested to me. This month I will be reviewing two different titles that are exclusively on Netflix. After The Kissing Booth being a hit on the streaming platform the sequel, The Kissing Booth 2, was approved for filming. Since this review is for the sequel, there are some spoilers from the first movie.

After the first movie’s initial release in 2018, I was intrigued. It carried me through Elle’s adventure of discovering her forbidden feelings for her best friend’s brother during her junior year. It made me relate to Elle in a way, and I wanted to know so badly what happened to Elle and Noah’s relationship with each other after the credits rolled. This relates to me more now than ever because I know what it is like to have my boyfriend move off to college, and try to handle a long-distance relationship. 

In the first movie it at least felt like it could be at a real high school. For the sequel though, I felt like it was so much more cringey. The story does not flow as well as in the first movie and the events, like Elle accidentally turning on the intercom and saying inappropriate things, were so awkward for me to watch. 

The whole storyline with Noah and this new character, Chloe, felt so forced. I am not trying to spoil too much of the storyline here, but I am sure if Elle really needed more money for college it would not be too much to ask Lee’s mom if she could help out any. She’s basically Elle’s second mom, which would have saved her from doing the whole dance competition with Marco, which is another part of the storyline that didn’t make much sense to me. It’s like they were trying to tell 5 different movies worth of content in a 2 hour movie. 

Overall, I give this movie a solid 2 out of 5 stars because of the ever-changing plot.