The Umbrella Academy Season Two


Blake Herbert


Taylor Jones, MVcurrent Writer

Alright Marauders, welcome back to “Taylor Talks” where I basically review anything that comes to mind or gets suggested to me. This month I will be reviewing two different titles that are exclusively on Netflix. As a warning, seeing as this is going to be a review on the second season of  from “The Umbrella Academy,” there are some spoilers from the first season

The story picks up where season 1 ended: the start to the apocalypse. In an attempt to save his siblings, Five decided to try to time-jump with them to try and “fix” Vanya. He messed up again like he did the last time he tried to time-jump by himself. Only this time, he and his siblings got scattered in Dallas, Texas all in different years. When Five is the final one to arrive, it is right before the apocalypse happens once again. Thankfully Hazel makes an appearance with a time-jumping briefcase taking Five back ten days before the apocalypse… sound familiar?

Now the siblings have to navigate this new time and place to try to prevent the apocalypse, all while trying to maintain the original timeline. Even with Hazel and Cha Cha out of the picture as the antagonists from The Commision, there are still plenty of other field agents to send after The Umbrella Academy. 

I like that Season 2 gives a lot more depth to the characters in general by having them form stronger bonds with each other and giving them all their own sub-plots. Tiny spoiler, the Handler is still alive and thriving with her sub-plot of trying to take over The Commision. It even gives somewhat minor characters like “The Swedes” their own sub-plot of tracking down the seven members of the Umbrella Academy.

I also think that it is important to bring up Allison’s experience in Dallas during the 60s. I appreciated that they didn’t ignore the fact that her character is a person of color and showed what it was like for her. In the beginning she was still recovering from Vanya’s violin bow, so as soon as she landed in Dallas she desperately looked around for help and unknowingly ran into a “whites only restaurant” and got yelled at as soon as she walked in. Later in the season, it shows her organizing a sit-in hoping to gain President Kennedy’s attention. Sadly, the peaceful sit-in turns into a riot gaining the negative attention of the police. This scene shows how similar the 1960s and today are with peaceful protests and protest turning into riots.

The last episode of the season really left me wondering what is going to happen next. Overall, I’ll rate this season 4.5 out of 5 stars because nothing is ever truly perfect, but this season gets pretty close.