Minecraft Nether Update

Graci Watson, MVcurrent Writer

On June 15, Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, released the 1.16.2 Nether Update. The update includes many different new features. 

Part of the update are the three new biomes. The first biome is the Netherwart Forests. There are two types of forests, the Warped forest, which is blue and the Crimson Forest, which is red. The Nethewart Forests are filled with soul sand and netherwart. 

The new blocks in the new Warped biomes include wood and wooden planks, a new type of mushroom called fungus, and many other blocks that can be made from the warped wooden planks. The new Crimson biome has the same blocks however, they are all a pinkish red color. 

The third type of biome is the Soul Sand Valley. The biome contains blue fire and bone blocks that look like old fossils. There is not a lot in this biome, but it has a lot of bone blocks and skeletons. 

New monsters and friendly mobs have been added to the game. Their names are piglins, hoglins, and striders. 

Piglins are half pig-half zombies, and one of their abilities is to trade with the player. Be warned, if the player is not wearing gold, they will attack the player. There is also a new structure which the player can explore and get great items from, but if the piglins catch them stealing their loot, they will attack the player. 

Hoglins are new hostile mobs that will attack the player. They are like pigs, but will attack a player with their horns. 

The last new mob is called striders. Striders are friendly animals that live by the lava. While riding them, the player can cross lava without taking any damage. 

“The striders are my new favorite thing in the game,” said Emme Grubbs, 9. 

A very crucial part of the update is the new ore called netherite. Netherite can be found on level 12 in the Nether when mining. Netherite is now stronger than diamond, so using it for weapons or armor will make it harder to be killed. 

“At first I was kinda mad about diamond not being the strongest item in the game, but now I kinda like the netherite,” said Brandon Maxwell, 12. 

The new Minecraft Nether update had a big impact on the game. Many people love the new blocks and new mobs that Mojang  added to the game.