Singin in the Rain Auditions

Madalyn Cottrell, MVcurrent Writer

Though Mt. Vernon’s school year was pushed back to August 17th, that did not stop MV Theatre from pushing through and pursuing auditions for the fall musical “Singin’ in the Rain.” However, due to the inability to host auditions in person, virtual auditions served as a substitute. 

In previous years, a two-day workshop was held for students to attend in order to prepare themselves for auditions. At workshops, students were able to learn the audition dance, meet possible castmates, receive audition tips and tricks, get character specific sides, and music for potential callbacks. 

“I wasn’t sure how virtual auditions would turn out,” said  Ms. Davis, Mt. Vernon’s theatre director. “I obviously prefer in-person, open auditions. While not ideal, it went very smoothly and we had a great turnout.” 

Because of the outbreak of COVID-19, there have been restraints placed on how the theatre department can run the rehearsal process. With the new rules in place, the health plan will aim to create a safer environment for students to work in. A new health plan organized by the theatre director has been put in place to ensure the safety of students and staff at rehearsals. It has been approved by both the school and the Hancock County Health Department, and many students are eager to get back to work. Rehearsals will not be the same as they have in the past, but students have responded positively to the approved changes that have been put in place.

“The health plan is really good,” said  Daimon Anderson, 11. “I love that we can keep doing what we love while staying healthy so we can have a show. It’s so important, and I’m glad we are doing it.”

For the seniors of the Mt. Vernon Theatre Department, things will be far from how they have been used to doing theatre. Those who were hoping for a normal season might not get to see things the way they used to be before they graduate, nonetheless, the seniors are gracious to have the opportunity to perform on some level. 

“Going into our fall show, ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ is so bittersweet,” said Alycia Arkeneau, 12. “We are so lucky to have the opportunity to pull it off. I also know that when this year’s shows are finished, it will mean my time with MV Theatre is coming to an end. I will miss being involved in such a remarkable program filled with the best people who have become some of my best friends.”

The rehearsals for “Singin’ in the Rain” are in full swing as the cast is beginning to prepare their performance, which is set to happen late fall. Tickets will go on sale to families, then will be available to the general public. As of now, when the tickets will go on sale is still up in the air. Any updates will be announced on the theatre program’s social media. The show is planned to open November 18th, and run through the 22nd.

 To follow the rehearsal process and receive any updates about ticket sales and performances, make sure to keep up with the MV Theatre Facebook page and the Instagram account @mvtheatre. 




Don Lockwood……Daimon Anderson

Kathy Selden………Alycia Arkenau (Thur/Sat shows)

……………………….. Shiloh McFarland (Fri/Sun shows)

Cosmo Brown……..Ben Dostalek

Lina Lamont………..Madalyn Cottrell

R.F. Simpson ……..TBD

Rosco Dexter ……. Landen Norton 

Dora Bailey……….. Lily Phipps

Miss Dinsmore…… Cadence Roy

Young Don ………… Alyvia Arkenau 

Young Cosmo ……. Lydia Rivers

Ensemble: Hailey Allton, Alycia Arkenau (Fri/Sun performances), Morgan Carr, Samantha Ferris, Anna Gable, Bailey German, Katelynn Hexamer, Phoenix Hull, Grace King, Natalie Marchal, Shiloh McFarland (Thur/Sat performances), Lily Phipps, Bella Pittman, Cadence Roy

Dance Captain…… Grace King

Crew: Madeline Black, Isaac Borgman, Zachary Cardiff, Ethan Cottrell, Emma Frank, Sophie Frank, Nolan Gronowski, Maribel Gutierrez, Cole Hess, Keenan Jaques, Eryn Kaufman, Amaya King, Taylor Lorsung, Dustin Meek, Spencer Mounts, Sydney Nichols, Om Patel, Kira Preston, Chloe Rennier, Haley Riley, Amelia Rockhill, Brandi Sharp, Chloe Smiley, Brice Smith, Allison Stevens, Alexander Tinnel

Director: ………………. Lindsay Davis

Technical Director: …… Joy Mills

Costume Chair: …… Raelyn Stanfield