Fall Sports COVID Sports

Sophia Dewael, MVcurrent Writer

COVID-19 has resulted in a lot of changes in 2020. An example of one of these changes is how fall sports will work. Some schools across Indiana have actually had cases affect their players, while others are fortunate enough to not have anyone test positive at this time.


One thing that the MVHS teams are doing is taking precautions suggested by the Indiana High School Athletic Association and health officials. At Mt. Vernon, athletes are instructed to wear their masks when coming to and leaving practices, along with any time off of the field when they are not able to socially distance. Another action the coaches are taking is washing the equipment, such as jersey pinnies, after each use.


Mt. Vernon High School had at least one person test positive for COVID in the marching band. Actual outbreaks happened in marching bands across the state, which consequently resulted in the Indiana State School Music Association enforcing an altered schedule where there are no competitions, but practice can continue. The sports still have a full season planned like soccer, football, and cross country.


Marion County has the highest positive Coronavirus test numbers so there was speculation about whether their high school fall sports would proceed, but as of August 11, 2020, the health officials have given permission for the season to continue. This decision to continue fall sports is still in effect as of August 20th. This gives hope for a fall season for other schools in Indiana because if the highest infected school system is able to continue, the more well-contained schools should be able to manage any COVID cases.


The Mt. Vernon Girls’ Soccer team is optimistic about the forthcoming season, and think that the coaches as well as the school are doing well at keeping the athletes safe. 


“I personally feel like we will have a complete season as long as everyone continues to follow the rules,” shared soccer athlete Hannah Dishman, 11. 


  “Cross country is a sport designed for social distancing so it’s easier to follow the rules,” said Rissa Foster, 11. 


Rissa Foster is optimistic about the forthcoming season and thinks that it will be able to continue during COVID-19. The group is always outside when they are practicing and whenever they are not actively running and unable to maintain distance, they wear masks.


“The coaches are doing a good job and making sure their players are healthy and well,” said another soccer athlete, Chloe Tyndall, 12, “They make sure we social distance as well as wear our masks when needed.”


It seems like a fall season is going to happen, but the reality is unpredictable. So coaches and athletes should keep following the procedures and being safe outside of school and practices, so that Mt. Vernon can hope for a complete and safe season. Good luck to all of the fall sports teams.