Pray for Paris

Gabe Thomas, staff writer

    Alvin Worthy professionally known as Westside Gunn released his 4th studio album “Pray For Paris,” on April 17th, 2020. This is Gunn’s newest album from the record label “Griselda,” which he founded in 2014. The album was recorded in one weekend during Paris Fashion Week, where the title “Pray for Paris” came from, and it is easily his best work to date.

    The album has incredible production. The production on this album comes from such people as, The Alchemist, Jay Versace, Dj Premier, and Tyler, the Creator to name a few. This culminates into a mix of jazz and neo-soul rap capitalized by Gunn’s energetic voice.

    The best song on this album has to be “327” produced by Camouflage Monk, and featuring Joey Badman and Tyler, the Creator, who produced the song “Party With Pop Smoke.” It is a jazz-rap where the three rappers flex about their belongings and fame. The best part of the song has to be the production and Tyler’s verse which both flow perfectly together.

    If you like Westside Gunn, you will love this album and if you love jazz-rap and want to try something different from what’s always on the radio, I highly suggest this album.

Overall: 9.5/10