Slime & B Album

Gabe Thomas, staff writer

Two giants in the music industry Chris Brown, and Young Thug, real name Jeffery Williams, have released a collaborative mixtape “Slime & B.” It got me excited as I love Young Thug and although Chris Brown is not the best person, he can put out a good song or two now and again. But what I got was a forgettable album that I could never see myself going back to.

The thing that this album got wrong was that every song sounds the same. Brown sings a verse, Young Thug raps, and then Brown sings again. It gets repetitive. Every so often there will be a feature from another artist, but when there’s not, it is very boring.

The one song I actually liked on this album was “Help Me Breathe,” which was the only song not featuring Chris Brown, it did, however, feature Atlanta rapper Future. The song is a rap song with 808’s spliced in the beat and it sounds like a classic Young Thug song.

Young Thug really is the only thing good in this album, so if you aren’t a fan of these two, then don’t listen to this album. If you are a fan, you can try to enjoy this album, but for me it was extremely repetitive and boring, with the only good song coming at the end.

Overall: 4/10