Graci Watson, staff writer

On January 31, a very popular collection from the Youtooz community was released. A Youtooz is a collectible figurine that resembles someone or something. The items they have can range from Youtubers to dogs. They are able to be bought at the Youtooz website. The majority of their products are around $30. When items do not sell well, they offer discounts. An example of an item that got discounted was a small dog that not a lot of people knew about. They reduced the price by $10 and people started to buy it. 

Their most popular collection was the Lunch Club collection. They had four up for sale, including Cscoop, Slimecicle, Traves, and Ted Nivison Youtooz. Each Youtooz is $30 as well.

“If you buy our amazing Lunch Club Youtooz’s, you can get a signed poster from them all,”  Youtooz stated on their Twitter

The Lunch Club Youtooz’s were selling out fast and I was able to get two of the four. I got the Traves and the Cscoop figures. All four of the collectibles sold out in five days, and since they are limited edition, there will be no more. 

Shipping took a long time, around four months for them to arrive. The main reason it took so long was because the coronavirus set back deliveries. 

However, when it arrived in the mail I only received 1 out of the 2 I ordered. The product itself was very good quality and so was the packaging. 

The packaging for the Cscoop Youtooz had skateboards over it. When the box is opened, the inside of it says Good Morning since that is a very popular quote from him. 

My second Youtooz still has not arrived, but it is supposed to arrive in the next week.

Overall, the Youtooz is very good quality and I recommended people check out their website. They are a little pricey, but they are worth it if you are into youtubers.