Thespian Awards

Katelynn Hexamer, Staff Photographer/Writer

On May 5, the MV Theatre department held their Thespian Awards, but it was in a different way then usual. Due to the pandemic, it was held via zoom. 

Before the awards began, Ms. Davis shared her Zoom screen which had memories, tips, and pictures of the 2019-2020 theatre season, as well as advice for the thespians.Many thespians and tech members were nominated for a variety of awards. 

Although there may have been some disappointment over not winning an award, everyone cheered for those who did win. There are also special recognition awards, for the congeniality award for Shrek and Aida, and the thespian of the year. Ms Davis even recognized current thespian society participants who earn higher rankings and those who are being inducted in the society. 

We had our Thespy Awards on Zoom with over 60 participants. It was a much larger turn-out than I had anticipated, and just shows how close theatre folk are and how much we miss each other,“ stated Ms. Davis.

Charles Livingood agreed with Ms. Davis.

“Wow, I wish this was in person. It would have made the experience better for everyone,” Livingood, 12, said. 

During the awards ceremony, Ms. Davis told everyone on there the shows for next year. The fall show will be “Singing in the Rain,” and the spring show will be “Anastasia.” Both are musicals.

Ms. Davis is ecstatic for next year’s shows. 

“I didn’t think it was possible, but I think our students may be even more excited than I am about next year’s shows,” she said. “The feedback I’ve been receiving has been nothing short of ecstatic enthusiasm.”

 Davis’ enthusiasm is shared by students.

I’m so excited for ‘Singing in The Rain.’ I love the movie and I have seen a few stage productions of the musical, so it’s exciting to know that we’ll be able to perform it ourselves,” stated Natalie Marchal, 9.

Shiloh McFarland, 11, is just as excited as Natalie for the Spring musical. 

I am so excited that we will be able to do the show Anastasia. It is a beautiful show with beautiful music. I’m shocked that we are able to do it already, and I cannot wait!” 


Best Ensemble Member Award

Emma Bechman – Aida

Ben Dostalek – Aida

Charles Livengood – Shrek

Kyran Maxfield – Shrek

Shiloh McFarland – Shrek

Emma Moore – Shrek

Jenna Nicodemus – Aida

Landen Norton – Aida

Winner:Kyran Maxfield- Shrek 


Shrek – People’s Choice Award

Kaylee Johnson-Bradley

Gabe Thomas

Grace Wechsler

Winner:Kaylee Johnson-Bradley 


Best Actress in a Featured Role 

Madalyn Cottrell – Shrek

Kaylee Johnson-Bradley – Shrek

Shiloh McFarland – Aida

Winner:Kaylee Johnson-Bradley- Shrek


Best Actor in a Featured Role 

Daimon Anderson – Aida

Liam Bass – Shrek

Charles Livengood – Aida

Winner:Liam Bass- Shrek 


Best Actress in a Lead Role 

Kaylee Johnson-Bradley – Aida

Natalie Marchal Shrek

Mallory McKeeman – Aida

Winner:Natalie Marchal- Shrek 


Best Actor in a Lead Role

Daimon Anderson – Shrek

Ben Dostalek – Shrek

Kyran Maxfield – Aida

Gabe Thomas – Shrek

Winner: Daimon Anderson- Shrek



Tech Crew “Rookie” Award 

Winner: Issac Borgman 

Tech Crew “Skill Enhancement” Award 

Winner: Maddie Black 

Tech Crew “Extra Mile” Award 

Winner: Spencer Mounts 

Tech Crew Dedication Award

Winner: Alex Tinnel 

Tech Crew Leadership Award

Winner: Sophie Frank 

Tech Crew MVP for 2019-2020 

Winner: Sydney Nicholes 

Theatre Technician of the Year 

Winner: Nathan Murphy-Lighting, Isabella Garza-Stage Management, Jack Kent-Construction 




Shrek – Congeniality Award

Winner: Tony Fleming and Shiloh McFarland


Aida – Congeniality Award 

Winner: Kaylee Johnson-Bradley 


Thespian of the Year

Winner: Charles Livingood



Current ITS Members Receiving Higher Rankings- Liam Bass, Madalyn Cottrell, Mallory McKeeman, Kaylee Johnson Bradley


International Thespian Society Inductees- Emma Bechman, Natalie Marshal, Shiloh McFarland, Charles Livingood