Aida Virtual Performance

Katelynn Hexamer, Staff Photographer/Writer

MV Theatre was supposed to put on Disney’s “Aida,”  April 30-May 3. But due to Covid-19, they were unable to perform it. Although they are still waiting to see if they can perform the show at a later date, in order to cheer the cast, Ms. Davis created a virtual choir for a performance of “The Gods Love Nubia.” She reached out to the cast and asked them to send her a copy of them singing the song so she could make a video which would be available on social media and shown on opening night.

The song Ms. Davis chose has a meaning for what a lot of people are going through right now. In the song, Aida comes back to the slave camp where the rest of her Nubian friends are, to tell them that her father, Amonasro, has been taken by the Egyptian people. Aida is trying to rally up her people’s spirits, to get their mind off the fact that their king is now enslaved. She tries to tell them that fate is cruel to them, but it gets better as long as they keep their hope alive and to not let life bury them in sorrow. She tells her people that no matter what happens to their homeland, that Nubia can always live on, as all of them are in Nubia. She leads them in a hymn of their homeland, to show her fellow slaves that the gods will not forget them. 

“The virtual choir performance was a way our cast could still come together on what would have been their opening night for Aida. The song ‘The Gods Love Nubia’ is an inspiring song that reminds us that there is always hope and light even in heartbreaking and challenging times,” stated Ms. Davis. 

There were 12 students who participated in this, but one of them shared why they participated and what it meant to them as a person. 

“I loved participating in the virtual ‘Aida’ choir. It was a great way to show everyone what we were working on before our show got postponed. ‘The Gods Love Nubia’ is such a beautiful song, and inspiring too. The lyrics are uplifting especially during these hard times. I was so happy to share what we had been working on and give everyone a bit more hope that good things are upon us,” said Kaylee Johnson-Bradley, 12. 

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