Riley Dance Marathon

Katelynn Hexamer, Staff Photographer/Writer

While there are many clubs already at MVHS, next year one more may be added: Riley Dance Marathon. Many colleges and high schools across Indiana participate in this big event, which helps support children at Riley Children’s Hospital. 


According to the Riley Dance Marathon website, “Riley Dance Marathons are student-run organizations that support Riley Hospital through year-round fundraising efforts. The fundraising culminates in a multi-hour event where students are awake and on their feet to honor the kids we serve. College and high school students love this experience, knowing that they have generated funds to support thousands of kids every year who receive care from Riley Hospital. In Indiana, more than 80 high schools and colleges participate in the Riley Dance Marathon program annually. Last year, the Riley DM program raised $6.592 million for the kids.” 


Mt. Vernon has had dance marathons in the past, hosted by National Honor Society.  

According to Mr. Goff, NHS sponsor, said, “National Honor Society went away from all types of fundraising and is now focused on service to help the community and those who are in need.  Although a great cause, when we were focused on fundraising it took our focus away from helping the community. The Dance Marathon was extremely time consuming/costly and the turn out wasn’t always beneficial.”


I want to start this club because my family became a Riley family when my brother was born. I know how much this marathon can help kids like my brother. 


To start this, I contacted the Riley Dance Marathon coordinator, and asked Mr. Dodd and Mr. Larkins if they would help me start this club. There is a lot of planning to start this club and the dance overall, so I had to find an advisor. I asked Mr. Larkins, because he is always there for me. Then I needed students, but since we are in quarantine, all I had was my brother. Luckily I had a Bring Change to Mind Zoom call, so I was able to get more students who are willing to help out. 


Mr. Dodd, principal at Mt Vernon, is passionate about having a Riley Dance Marathon, at Mt Vernon. “I am excited about having Dance Marathon starting at MVHS.  We have had several alumni participate in Dance Marathon at the college level, and it has always been a rewarding experience for everyone involved.”



Even though there is a lot of help and planning for starting a club like this, I just hope Mt. Vernon will be able to bring a Dance Marathon back. I also hope to give the students at MVHS a new experience, since many have not been to a dance marathon before. My main goal, though, is to help the kids at Riley Children’s Hospital.