Indiana Reopening

Madalyn Cottrell, Staff Writer

The state of Indiana has begun the process of slowly reopening local facilities. Starting May 1st, Governor Holcomb initiated the phase that will lead the state of Indiana into the stages of slowly reopening local businesses. 

Since the COVID-19 virus has stricken Indiana, for about two months, school buildings have been shut down and statewide, facilities have been asked to temporarily shut down unless they are an essential business. 

Restaurants and stores are classified as essential businesses. Most restaurants are still open for takeout and delivery, but it has been advised for people to remain indoors 

As of May 4th, many counties across Indiana have been allowed to begin to reopen. But Cass, Lake, and Marion county have been asked to withhold reopening for at least another two weeks due to the number of cases in their counties.

As of May 11th, most restaurants and retailers are being allowed to open to half capacity.  Hair salons and barber shops are also being allowed to open the same day with restrictions set in place. Aspen Creek in Noblesville, for example, has been reopened to fifty percent capacity and someone is being stationed at the door to make sure the restaurant doesn’t blow over capacity. In Marion county, due to the 25,000 cases, reopening dates are being pushed back two weeks longer to help flatten the curve. 

“I think the state can’t stay closed forever,” said Cody Smitely, a waiter at a local restaurant in Noblesville. “We need to take the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe, but we can’t live like this forever.” 

` If all things go according to Governor Holcomb’s plan, the state of Indiana can be expected to fully reopen July 4th weekend.