Quarantine Buzz

Zyaria Hatcher, Staff Writer

Let’s say you’re dying of boredom and have absolutely nothing to do. You decide to go on Tik Tok and scroll through videos on the For You page and all you see is “The Vampire Diaries.” Since quarantine, everyone has been on the rave about the television show “The Vampire Diaries,” even though it has been out since 2009. I personally never got through season 1, but I am working on it. 

“I have rewatched all the entire tv show because it is so good, the many plot twists will have you on your feet,” said Gabriella Corrales, 11. 

There is also the infamous show “On My Block.” It’s a teen drama-comedy series about a group of friends who are navigating their way around high school.  Lifelong friendships are tested as Monse, Ruby, Jamal and Cesar confront the challenges of school and life.

Another show that literally everyone is talking about is “Tiger King.” “Tiger King” is a seven-episode true crime docu-series centered on “Joe Exotic,” a collector of animals such as tigers and lions that he kept at a so-called zoo in Oklahoma. It also involves a murder mystery if anyone’s interested in those. 

“I binge watched ‘Tiger King’ and it is actually a really good and interesting show,” said Cyrus Elmor, 11. “It has many plot twists but is also really strange.”

I tried watching the show “Tiger King,” but I did not get through the first episode because to me personally, it was boring and really weird.