Lunch Club

Graci Watson, Staff Writer

On February 22 , the youtube channel Lunch Club posted a new video. The three main people in the video were Ted Nivision, Cscoop, and Slimecicle. Every now and then however, Jschlatt, Traves, and Carson King would sneak in and make a cameo. 

In the video titled, “MInecraft Crafting Recipes in Real Life,” the three guys try to make recipes from the game Minecraft. They are set up in their kitchen and instantly make a mess by trying to create a golden apple out of an apple and pieces of butter. Ted Nivision covers the apple in butter and tries to force feed it to Smilecicle, resulting in a huge mess. 

They also created bread. Cscoop got wheat flour and placed three handfuls in a line like in the game MInecraft. He scooped it up and ate raw flour. 

After filming he stated in a livestream that, “Directly after shooting that bit I threw up. They said I would regret eating the flour and they were so right.” 

Another very chaotic thing they created was a cake. Ted Nivision got out a bowl while the other guys got out the ingredients: three cups of milk, an egg, and three handfuls of flour, and two handfuls of sugar. They all mixed it in a bowl, egg shell and all, and just when the viewer would think it is over, Ted Nivision  announces they will be cooking and eating the cake. 

Once they finish cooking the cake they take it out and try it. To the viewer’s surprise they said that it tasted good and all of Lunch Club joined in to eat the cake. 

“That cake looked so disgusting, they had to have been lying that it tasted good. There is no way a cake with egg shells in it can taste good,” said Brandon Maxwell, 11.