Katerino Scandal

Graci Watson, Staff Writer

Callmecarson, also known as Carson King, is a Youtube star with over 2 million subscribers. Carson King’s very good friend Fitz is also a Youtube star with over 5 million subscribers. Another one of Carson King’s friends is Katerino, also known as Kate. She was a rising Youtuber with over 100k subscribers, but since she got involved in a scandal, she has lost a few thousand. 

Carson King and Katerino met last summer over a dating show on the streaming site Twitch. They hit it off at first, but as of March 12 they had broken up. Katerino cheated on Carson King with Fitz. The fans found out because on Twitter CallmeCarson tweeted out saying that he would be taking a break and seeing a counselor. 

On a website called Reddit, a user said, “I hope Carson is doing alright. I saw that he had unfollowed Fitz and Kate. Hopefully she didn’t cheat since Carson is having a hard time dealing with his depression.” 

Carson King replied back to the post saying, “ding ding ding we have a winner,” implying that the Reddit user guessed correctly. 

While Carson was on a break, Katerino made a video and uploaded it to Youtube titled “an update.” In the video she addressed the fact that she did cheat, but she also did not take the blame for it and said it was because of her mental health. The video itself has over 300k dislikes. One of Carson King’s good friends and youtuber ItsJawsh commented on her video. He posted a long paragraph about how she should not blame her wrong doing on her mental health and own up to her mistakes.

“When I heard that Carson’s girlfriend cheated on him I felt so bad for him. Kate is disgusting and should not have done that to him while he was battling his depression. She belongs in the streets,” said Brandon Maxwell, 11. 

Carson King’s old friend Fitz later posted his apology on Twitter. In summary he said that he is sorry for betraying his trust and that he hopes that they can be friends again and play 8 Ball together.