Tyson’s chicken

Zyaria Hatcher , Staff Writer

Some people can remember coming home from elementary school and enjoying Tyson’s chicken nuggets while doing homework. The Tyson company has been around since 1935. 

Recently, at the Tyson’s plant in Logansport, Indiana, about 900 workers have tested positive for the coronavirus. The plant closed down for one day so it could be deep cleaned and sanitized, but then quickly closed down after only two weeks to avoid the spread of the virus. 

There is currently no evidence pointing towards food or the packaging of food being associated with the transmission of the coronavirus. However, as a result of people being out of work due to the virus, there have been reports and claims that the US food chain is breaking.

 President Donald Trump signed an executive order asking companies like Tyson to reopen the plants due to the growing fears surrounding breaks in the food chain. Tyson has announced that their workers will be receiving bonus pay and short-term disability coverage due to the coronavirus.

The Tyson factory in Logansport is scheduled to open back up the week of May 11th.