Baseball Seniors Reacting to Their Season Cancelled


Photo provided by Jackson Dunlavy

How Baseball Seniors are Spending Their Time

Emerson Bridgewater, Staff Sports Writer

There are many seasons and events being cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The MV baseball season is one of them. The season was looking bright for this new team. They had a fresh start with new head coach Brad King. The team seemed to have a new energy about themselves. There were talented seniors and young players looking to make a name for themselves. There was lots of hope for this team, but sadly we will never know.

“The biggest part of the season I was looking forward to was competing for a championship,” said Jackson Dunlavy, 12. “We had a roster loaded with talent and a perfect opportunity to go well beyond sectionals and compete for state.”

Now all of the “what ifs” must remain just that. Although the seniors journey with MV might be over, some of their baseball careers are not. Nolan Bowser will be attending Saint Louis University to play baseball. Jake Stadler will be attending Purdue University to play baseball as well.

“I’m super excited to get started in Saint Louis,” said Nolan Bowser, 12. “But it is still crushing that none of us will get to play our senior season of high school baseball.”

High school baseball has a special way of feeling than other leagues. It’s something many players have been looking forward to since the time they started playing.

“The feeling of playing under those Friday night lights is something special,” said Will Nelson, 12. “That was the biggest thing I was looking forward to.”

During these times, the players have been finding activities to keep their mind off of everything.

“Some things I have been doing to stay busy are riding my bike and golfing on days that the weather is nice,” said Will Nelson, 12.

Although the season may be lost, the team will never be forgotten.