Stardew Valley

Graci Watson, Staff Writer

The popular video game Stardew Valley was released on February 26, 2016. The game is about a new farmer who moves to the country to continue their father’s farm. The user gets to create their character and design their farm the way they like. The game has seasons just like in real life.

When the user first gets into the game, they are greeted by the mayor whose name is Lewis, and the lady who owns the construction shop, Robin. They take the character to their farm where they explain the point of the game, which is to farm, raise farm life, and make friends. They explain that in the town they offer seeds for players to plant and sell for money. 

Later on in the game, once the player has gained enough hearts with the people in town, they are able to get married to each other. Once the player and chosen character are married, the player is able to adopt a child if they upgrade their home to the right size. In the game the player is only allowed to marry one person. 

Stardew Valley also has a multiplayer option so that the player can connect with friends. In multiplayer, the player and their friends can create a farm together and even get married. 

In the game the player is able to do quests and are able to get money from them. They can pay for upgrades to their home, they can buy more seeds, and they can buy livestock. 

There is a lot for the player to do so that they do not get bored. 

“My favorite thing to do in that game is to fish since it is easy and you get good money from that. I’m also married to my favorite character as well. I love this game and recommended it,” said Spencer King, 10.