Working During Corona Time

Taylor Jones, Staff Writer

For the past several months, the topic of COVID-19 has grown increasingly popular. During this time corporate brands and small businesses alike have been assessing the current situation, and adapting the best they can. As a fast food employee, my work routine has changed for the better in order to keep everyone safe.

For the first few weeks of our statewide quarantine, the lobby of Arby’s was still open for carryout only. Since then, the lobby has been closed so all orders are made using the drive-thru.

In the drive-thru, the person who deals with taking the customers payment method and giving them their food wears gloves at all times. The gloves are supposed to be changed every hour. 

Masks have also been ordered, but I think the concept of us wearing them is stupid unless we are sick; otherwise, we are just wasting masks while there are other people out there that need them more than we do.

If any employee is suspected of having COVID-19, then said employee is to be tested for the virus. If the test is positive, every employee will need to be tested and the store will potentially be shut down until further notice. 

I am honestly not too worried about having the virus because everyone has been taking precautions, and if anyone feels slightly sick they call into work.