Long Term Living Facilities During Coronavirus

Zyaria Hatcher, Staff Writer

The Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is an infectious disease with symptoms ranging from fevers to shortness of breath. The symptoms might not sound that dangerous, but to an elderly person with an underlying disease, COVID-19 can be deadly. 

Many families are worried about the turmoil of their loved ones being in assisted living facilities while this disease is moving through the United states. Family members are being cut off from seeing their loved ones in fear of the virus entering the building.

The first case of the coronavirus in a nursing home was in Kirkland, Washington. The family has filed a lawsuit against the center for fraud and wrongful death of her mother.

Most family and friends of residents, have been instructed to stay away from assisted living facilities and nursing homes because some people can have a COVID-19 infection without symptoms. Nobody is allowed in and out, and the only reason a family member is allowed to come, is if the person is dying. I currently work at an assisted living facility and one of the residents became ill, not with the virus, and his family came and visited. While on my two week leave from my job, he passed away. 

Where I work all the residents are quarantined in their rooms for most of the day but do come out to go for a walk. We now serve their food to their room and follow the six feet social distancing rule.