My Review of Tiger King

Taylor Jones, Staff Writer

Hey Marauders! This month’s Taylor Talk is about “Tiger King.” “Tiger King” is a limited time Netflix series. This series has a total of seven episodes, and they are each roughly forty minutes in duration. I am not sure when the show will be taken off of Netflix. The main people this documentary is about are Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin.

The whole documentary series started off because Eric Goode, a filmmaker, was investigating a reptile dealer in the south of Florida. One of the buyers of a snake showed him a snow leopard that he had just purchased. That was Goode’s whole reasoning for this documentary: to see why people want to own big cats. 

 Joe runs a zoo full of tigers in Oklahoma and Carol is an animal rights activist based in Florida. Joe’s “enemy” is Carol according to the trailer. Right off the bat in the first episode, it is revealed that Joe was accused of hiring someone to murder Carol. If convicted, he would face up to eighty years in prison. Currently, he is serving twenty two for doing so.

Overall, the season is pretty good and since we are in quarantine with nothing better to do, I recommend watching this show to help pass the time.This series is rated MA so proceed watching it with caution. As always, feel free to contact us on our instagram page @mvcurrentnewspaper to request the topic for next month.