Spring Sing Cancelled

Emerson Bridgewater, Staff Writer

The coronavirus has put a damper on many opportunities that only come at the end of the school year. The Spring Sing concert thrown by the choir department is one of them. The tradition of Spring Sing has been a major reason seniors look forward to their senior year of choir. It’s a concert completely planned by the seniors where they pick music, decide a theme for the concert, choreograph dance numbers, and have solos. The word disappointment for spring sing being cancelled is far from an understatement.

“I was really shocked when I found out the concert was cancelled,” said Grace Russell, 12. “I had a feeling it would happen, but I really didn’t want to think about that possibility.”

Spring Sing is more than just a typical concert. It is performed over two nights because of how large it is. There is also a tradition where each senior picks an underclassmen to speak a few words for them, giving the senior a moment of honor with the spotlight all to themselves. It also gives the underclassmen a chance to reflect on their time spent with that senior.

“I was looking forward to being able to sing one last time with the seniors,” said Landen Norton, 11. “I was also looking forward to the song choices, and how the theme would follow through into the songs.”

There has always been a certain energy that both the underclassmen, as well as seniors, get from this concert as well as the seniors. For the seniors, it is their last concert of high school and is a concert that they put in a lot of work in preparing for. For underclassmen, it is a time to spend with their favorite seniors as they will never get that opportunity with them again. 

“I was really looking forward to the excitement that fills the auditorium when we all get to perform together,” said Abby Tucker, 12. “Also, being a senior means it’s a last hurrah to wrap up our high school choir experience.”

Although this year’s spring sing concert is cancelled, it is important to not let it cover up everything that has been accomplished this year. All of the MV choirs have performed some amazing music, and made memories that will last far beyond high school.