Things to do While Being Quarantined


Piper Todd

Paint with Diamonds is a time quenching, fun activity.

Katelynn Hexamer, Staff Photographer/Writer

Are you very bored of staying home during this quarantine? It may be hard, but keep in mind that there are a lot of people stuck inside just like you are. Staying inside does not always have to be colorless and dull. There are many fun things to do at your house.  Here are just some of the things you can do while being quarantined.


  • Watch a movie from your bed or your couch

If you are in a mood to just lay around, relax and do nothing all day, there are many movies probably lying around your house. So look around your house to see if you have any old DVDs, BlueRay’s, or even VHS tapes to play. There are even more movie and TV options on Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and many more streaming options.

  • Latch Hooks 

This fun activity can also be amazingly relaxing. All you have to do is go to a website where they sell crafts or even Amazon. Just look for your favorite pattern you like and do not forget to add a latch hook with it. When doing this activity with the short segments of yarn tie them using your hook, on a canvas gird. They can be used for a small rug, wall hangings, and even a pillow. Places you can find these are Amazon, JoAnn Fabrics, and any other craft store. Check out these latch hook resources below:

  • Diamond Dotz

Another fun and relaxing activity is doing Diamond Dots. All you have to do is pick up the diamond with a tool, then place it onto the canvas where it goes. This is an activity that can take several days to complete, which means it’s great for relieving extended boredom. You can get these at Amazon or any craft store.  See the links to below to explore options:

  • Pick up a good book to read

Reading a book is a lot of people’s favorite thing to do. It lets you just sit down and let your own mind vision the story and plot in your head, and pictures of what is happening. Nearly everyone has a book laying around at home, so pick one up and read one. Even ask a parent if they have a book that they think you might like. Even if you are out of books to read, there are tons of online sources that will let you read or listen to audiobooks on your phone. Try some of these great resources provided by Mrs. Zelencik.

  • Watch Tik Toks

This one is a lot of teens’ favorite social media platform.  If you do not already know, Tik Tok is an app where you can watch videos from other people around the world. It is a free app in the app stores, and all you have to do is download it. And maybe after downloading it you could learn a Tik Tok dance or even be on it for hours not knowing how much time has gone by.